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The ACA Grants in Biodiversity program for graduate students is funded by the Alberta Conservation Association. With the announcement of the 2016 recipients, the 22 year old ACA Grants in Biodiversity has now awarded over $4.7 million dollars to 467 graduate student researchers. The research supported by the ACA Grants in Biodiversity ultimately aims to conserve, protect and enhance Alberta's fish, wildlife and natural habitats.


2016 Competition Announced

September 06, 2016 - The ACA Grants in Biodiversity program is accepting applications for the 2016 Competition. Application information and forms are found on the Applicants page. The deadline for this year's competiton is 4:00pm on December 1.

2015 Winners Announced

March 22, 2016 – The ACA Grants in Biodiversity program is pleased to announce that 23 graduate student projects will share $222,090 of funding this year. Projects ranged from the genetics of caribou, to the effects of industrialization on songbirds and hawks. The use of genetics in studying biodiversity appears to be increasing. This year’s grants ranged from $4,660 to $17,200 and were distributed to 7 PhD and 16 Masters candidates. Although the field of study must be in Alberta, four of the projects will be conducted by universities out of the province, including two Manitoba universities, with most of the balance being done by the University of Alberta. The University of Calgary and University of Lethbridge also received grants.

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