ACA Biodiversity Grants logo Student ready to release a recently transmittered male Ferruginous Hawk that was nesting on a transmission tower in SW Alberta Student getting ectomycorrhizal fungal cultures ready for lodgepole pine root inoculations Student setting a gill net under the ice to evaluate fish species composition Students processing a 3 year old female cougar - hair, whiskers, claw scrapings, and blood are taken from cougars during immobilization

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2009 Award Recipients

Student Name Supervisor Institution Project Title
Bennett, Jonathan Dr. James F. Cahill, Jr. University of Alberta Interactions between plant and fungal communities in a native grassland
Crisfield, Varina Dr. Ellen Macdonald University of Alberta The impact of recreational activity on the alpine vegetation of the Canadian Rockies
Esch, Evan Dr. John R. Spence University of Alberta Arthropod diversity, mountain pine beetle, and white pine blister rust in whitebark pine
Gallwey, Janice Dr. Lawrence Harder University of Calgary The components and dynamics of floral display size and their implications for pollinator attraction and reproduction by angiosperms
Greenway, Carly Dr. Steven Vamosi University of Calgary Macroinvertebrate and waterfowl communities of temporary prairie pothole wetlands
Knamiller, Peter Dr. Evelyn H. Merrill University of Alberta Summer wolf predation in the Central Eastern Slopes of the Rocky Mountains, Alberta
Lane, Jeff Dr. Loeske Kruuk University of Edinburgh Hibernation phenology of Columbian ground squirrels: Heritability, plasticity and selection
Larsen, Terrence Dr. Erin Bayne University of Alberta Forest harvesting targets susceptible pine: Predicting grizzly bear habitat conditions
Lee-Yaw, Julie Dr. Darren Irwin University of British Columbia Dispersal and local adaptation at the range limit of the long-toed salamander
Newton, Jeffrey Dr. Heather C. Proctor University of Alberta Farming of subterranean Sternorrphyncha (Hemiptera) by ants (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) and its effect on temperate grassland vegetation
Nixon, Amy Dr. Jens Roland University of Alberta The role of forest structure and host-parasitoid dynamics in the spread of a forest insect outbreak
Nyanumba, Samson Dr. James F. Cahill Jr. University of Alberta Mediation of plant-plant interactions through allelochemicals in a native grassland
Ovens, Catherine Dr. Gail R. Michener University of Lethbridge Kinship and use of space by female Richardson's ground squirrels (Spermophilus richardsonii)
Patterson, Jesse Dr. Kathreen Ruckstuhl University of Calgary Nesting biology of northern flying squirrels (Glaucomys sabrinus) in Alberta, Canada with emphasis on huddling dynamics and parasite-host interactions
Schwarzfeld, Marla Dr. Felix Sperling University of Alberta Diversity of parasitoids (Hymenoptera: Ichneumonidae) in a boreal forest ecosystem
Weckworth, Byron Dr. Marco Musiani University of Calgary Ecological and evolutionary management of threatened woodland caribou in a human altered landscape