ACA Biodiversity Grants logo Student ready to release a recently transmittered male Ferruginous Hawk that was nesting on a transmission tower in SW Alberta Student getting ectomycorrhizal fungal cultures ready for lodgepole pine root inoculations Student setting a gill net under the ice to evaluate fish species composition Students processing a 3 year old female cougar - hair, whiskers, claw scrapings, and blood are taken from cougars during immobilization

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2013 Award Recipients




Project Title

Rachel AdamsTheresa Burg University of Lethbridge Landscape genetics of the black-capped chickadee (Poecile atricapillus) among Southern Alberta's riparian areas
Matthew Atkinson-AdamsCynthia Paszkowski University of Alberta Movement and habitat use of long-toed salamanders in Waterton Lakes National Park
Patrick BarksRobert Laird University of Lethbridge Genetic diversity in rates of senescence in the aquatic plant Lemna minor
Kristin BielefeldTimothy Jardine University of Saskatchewan Food web structure and bioavailable mercury in beaver-influenced mountain streams
Brianna BurleyDianne Draper and Ralph Cartar University of Calgary Bears and trains: Examining bear behavior and the railway using LocoCams
Stefano CatalanoPadraig Duignan University of Calgary Gastrointestinal parasite communities in grizzly (Ursus arctos horribilis) and black (Ursus americanus) bears from Alberta, and phylogenetic analysis of potentially pathogenic hookworms (Nematoda: Ancylostomatidae)
Stephanie CrowshoeCameron Goater University of Lethbridge Epidemiology of an emerging virus in tiger salamanders in southern Alberta
Matthew GeldermanEllen Macdonald University of Alberta Understanding pattern and process of whitebark pine regeneration - the basis for restoration of an endangered species
Vincent HervetRobert Laird University of Lethbridge Biodiversity and life history of natural enemies of prairie Noctuidae
Monica HigueraJocelyn Hall University of Alberta Pollination ecology in wild populations of Rocky Mountain Beeweed (Peritoma serrulata Pursh) and Clammyweed (Polanisia dodecandra L.) in southern Alberta
Sarah JohnsonRalph Cartar University of Calgary Landscape and habitat impacts of logging on the reproductive performance of understory plants pollinated by bumble bees in foothills forest
Krista LarsenLeland Jackson University of Calgary Molecular characterization of variant populations of Didymosphenia geminata in Alberta
Qi LiuHeather Proctor and Rolf Vinebrooke University of Alberta Diversity and distribution patterns of non-biting medges (Diptera: Chironomidae) in Alberta
Charlie LoewenRolf Vinebrooke University of Alberta Assessing the net effects of climate warming and exotic sportfish on multi-trophic metacommunities in mountain lakes
Victoria LukasikShelley Alexander University of Calgary Understanding Canadian carnivore management: Perceptions, values, priorities, and limitations
Christianne McDonaldFelix Sperling University of Alberta Polygonia spp. In Alberta: A model for species delimitation
Petra McDougallKathreen Ruckstuhl University of Calgary Attending to attention: An ethological framework for investigating the mechanisms underlying attention following
Gregory PecJ.C. Cahill University of Alberta Impact of mountain pine beetle disturbance on fungal community assembly
Kyle WelshCynthia Paszkowski University of Alberta A study of Western Tiger Salamander habitat use across multiple landscapes in Alberta