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2017 Award Recipients

A table outlining the recipients of the ACA Grants in Biodiversity for the 2017-2019 grant period
Recipient (Program) Institution Supervisor Project Award
Rob Belanger (MSc) University of Alberta Scott Nielsen Where do the wood bison roam? Habitat selection of the Ronald Lake herd $7,760
Jillian Cameron (MSc) University of Alberta Erin Bayne Influence of natural and anthropogenic light levels on anuran calling behavior in Alberta $9,790
Joseph Cooper (MSc) University of Alberta Justine Karst Forest demography in the southern boreal forest: time, climate, and neighbors $3,350
Frédéric Dulude-de Broin (MSc) Université Laval Steeve Côté Impact of predator-induced stress on the reproduction of mountain goats (Oreamnos americanus) $13,670
Matthew Dyson (PhD) University of Waterloo Bradley Fedy Waterfowl nest success in the western boreal forest: Does industrial development affect predation? $7,000
Mitchell Flowers (MSc) University of Alberta Evie Merrill Trading-off vigilance and space use by migrant and resident elk to avoid multiple predators $13,750
Jerrad Hayden (MSc) University of Lethbridge Robert Laird Does senescence occur in Lemna minor in the wild? $4,900
Mitchell Johnsen (MSc) University of Alberta Rolf Vinebrooke Resiliency of freshwater communities under a rapidly changing climate: An alpine-montane reciprocal transplant ecosystem experiment $11,700
Kara MacAulay (MSc) University of Alberta Evie Merrill Can contents of predator scat predict the spatial risk of predation for elk herd segments at the Ya Ha Tinda? $16,800
Matthew Meehan (MSc) University of Alberta Heather Proctor Assessing the relative utility of mesostigmatid vs. oribatid mites as bioindicators of disturbance in forested areas of Alberta, Canada $8,640
Paul Metzler (MSc) University of Alberta Justine Karst Revealing the belowground diversity of boreal forests with molecular tools $8,890
Samridhi Rijal (PhD) University of Calgary Kathreen Ruckstuhl Diversity and prevalence of different parasites: Effects of host sex, body condition and hormones of Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep $15,690
Federico Riva (PhD) University of Alberta Scott Nielsen and John Acorn Individual and simultaneous effects of disturbance from wildfire and oil sands on butterflies $3,820
Jean Rodriguez-Ramos (MSc) University of Alberta Nadir Erbilgin Can ectomycorrhizal fungi prevent lodgepole pine starvation during droughts by becoming its carbon source? $17,460
Natalie Sánchez Ulate (PhD) University of Alberta Erin Bayne Song variation and singing behavior of songbirds in response to chronic industrial noise $14,450
Raiany Silva (MSc) University of Alberta Ellen Macdonald Restoration and enhancement of riparian vegetation in wetlands degraded by all-terrain-vehicles in Blue Rapids Recreation Area, Alberta $17,830
Michael Terry (MSc) University of Alberta Mark Poesch Ranges of fisheries productivity and habitat-productivity relationships in natural and compensation lakes in northern Alberta $8,700
Mari West (PhD) University of California, Riverside Jessica Purcell Worker caste organization in the ant genus, Formica $15,010
Samantha Widmeyer (MSc) University of Alberta Mark Boyce Inferring prey specialization in cougars using stable isotope analysis: A method for testing the boot season $15,000