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2017 Competition Award Recipients

A table outlining the recipients of the ACA Grants in Biodiversity for the 2018-2020 grant period
Recipient (Program) Institution Supervisor Project Award
Sangwook Ahn (MSc) University of Lethbridge Cameron Goater Effects of host community structure on parasite transmission and disease risk $7,320
Josue Arteaga (MSc) University of Alberta Kimberley Mathot How do Black-capped Chickadees (Poecile atricapilus) respond to different types of information about predators? $10,310
Jackson Beck (MSc) University of Alberta Nadir Erbilgin Impact of disturbance altered soil microbial communities on lodgepole pine seedline performance and carbon allocation $8,165
Paul Boyce (PhD) University of Saskatchewan Phil McLoughlin Assessing the efficacy of immunocontraception to manage feral horses in the Alberta Foothills $13,090
Danielle Clake (PhD) University of Calgary Paul Galpern and Sean Rogers Resilience of pollinator populations to landscape changes: using genomic methods to assess montane bumble bee populations in Alberta $14,810
Jenna Cook (MSc) University of Alberta Rolf Vinebrooke Phytoplankton communities as indicators of environmental change and water quality across the Canadian Rockies $4,650
Melanie de Kappelle (MSc) University of Alberta Nadir Erbilgin Are lodgepole pine trees at higher elevations and latitudes more susceptible to attack by range-expanding mountain pine beetle? $11,410
Melissa Dergousoff (MSc) University of Alberta Bill Shotyk and Glynnis Hood Factors influencing trace element concentrations in the tissues of beavers (Castor canadensis) from central and northern Alberta $12,600
César Estevo (MSc) University of Alberta Erin Bayne Run to the hills: are boreal hilly systems in Alberta potential microrefugia for boreal bird communities in response to global warming? $10,910
Angelo Filicetti (PhD) University of Alberta Scott Nielsen Recovery of woody vegetation on linear disturbances $11,150
Spencer Goyette (MSc) University of Alberta Toby Spribille Fungal diversity associated with hair lichens in boreal and montane forests in Alberta $14,400
Jessica Grenke (MSc) University of Alberta JC Cahill Grassland plant species and functional diversity responses to intensive grazing $7,650
Adriana Guerrero Chacón (PhD) University of Saskatchewan Jeffrey Lane Intraspecific variation in the energetics of reproduction in Columbian ground squirrels (Urocitellus columbianus) $13,550
Lee Hecker (PhD) University of Alberta Scott Nielsen and Mark Edwards Trade-offs in foraging mechanisms influencing the habitat selection of wood bison on a multiple-use landscape $12,435
Jeremiah Kennedy (MSc) University of Alberta Erin Bayne Using bioacoustic methods for assessment of predator avoidance behaviour and improved techniques for analyzing bioacoustic data $11,820
Zachary MacDonald (PhD) University of Alberta Felix Sperling Does gene flow within a badlands butterfly, Papilio machaon dodi, follow eroding riverbank corridors? $9,380
Corey Smereka (MSc) University of Alberta Andrew Derocher Survival of cougar kittens and maternal space use in west-central Alberta $7,330
Samantha Stachiw (MSc) University of Alberta Bill Shotyk Trace elements in native berries growing in the vicinity of open pit mines and upgraders: distinguishing root uptake from aerial deposition of dusts $12,870
Nikki van Klaveren (MSc) University of Alberta Suzanne Tank Assessing stream functional responses across a gradient of agricultural land use in Alberta $7,200
Colby Whelan (MSc) University of Calgary Leland Jackson Occupancy and habitat preferences of Tubifex tubifex, alternate host of Whirling disease, in Banff National Park $7,410