ACA Biodiversity Grants logo Student ready to release a recently transmittered male Ferruginous Hawk that was nesting on a transmission tower in SW Alberta Student getting ectomycorrhizal fungal cultures ready for lodgepole pine root inoculations Student setting a gill net under the ice to evaluate fish species composition Students processing a 3 year old female cougar - hair, whiskers, claw scrapings, and blood are taken from cougars during immobilization

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Publications and Reports of the ACA Grants in Biodiversity

Biennial Reports

The ACA Grants in Biodiversity publishes the final reports of the projects it has funded every two years.

Citing the Biennial Report

Here is an example of how to cite the Biennial Report in CSE style:

Raab D. Assessing wetland construction in Alberta's oil sands: marsh vegetation as a reclamation target. In Alberta Conservation Association. ACA Grants in Biodiversity Biennial Report 2008/2009. Report. Edmonton(AB): ACA Grants in Biodiversity; 2009, p.29.

Research Funded by the ACA Grants in Biodiversity

This grant program exists to increase knowledge of Alberta's flora, fauna and habitat. One way to know this goal is being met is to read the results unearthed by projects funded through the ACA Grants in Biodiversity. We have recently started to compile a bibliography of these articles with many more to follow!